grade [grād]
[Fr < L gradus, a step, degree, rank < gradi, to step, walk < IE base * ghredh-, to stride > Goth griths, step]
1. any of the stages in an orderly, systematic progression; step; degree
a) a degree or rating in a scale classifying according to quality, rank, worth, intensity, etc.: often in hyphenated compounds [grade A eggs, weapons-grade plutonium]
b) any of the official ranks or ratings of officers or enlisted men [an army colonel and a navy captain are in grade O-6]
c) an accepted standard or level [up to grade]
d) a group of people of the same rank, merit, worth, etc.
a) the degree of rise or descent of a sloping surface, as of a highway, railroad, etc.
b) such a sloping surface
4. the ground level around a building
a) any of the divisions in a school curriculum usually equal to one year; most systems in the U.S. include twelve grades after the kindergarten
b) a group of pupils forming such a division in a school
6. a mark or rating on an examination, in a school course, etc.
7. Animal Husbandry an animal with one parent of pure breed
8. Linguis. any of the various forms in which a vowel may appear in grammatically or etymologically related forms as a result of gradation
graded, grading
1. to arrange or classify by grades; rate according to quality, rank, worth, etc.; sort
2. to give a GRADE (sense 6) to
3. to gradate
4. to level or slope (ground, a road, etc.) evenly
5. Animal Husbandry to improve by crossing with a pure breed: often with up
1. to assume an indicated rank or position in a series; be of a certain grade
2. to change gradually; go through a series of stages
☆ at grade
on the same level
☆ make the grade
1. to get to the top of a steep incline
2. to overcome obstacles and succeed
☆ the grades
elementary school

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